everiToken (EVT)
everiToken is world's first token-customized public chain aiming to be the best infrastructure to tokenize everything and for token economy. After a successful mainnet launch on 2018/07/31, everiToken has achieved high TPS(10000+), high security and high standardization.

Project Roadmap / Project Plan / Milestones
Business Details

Currently,there are many applications of everiToken with over 250 cooperative andnegotiatingprojects.


【Deposit and Justice】


- Zhiyuan Hui, an official volunteerplatformin China, will be built on everiToken, recording all voluntaryactivities ofmore than 77 million users on the chain (ready to launch)


- Data of voluntary blooddonationnationwide will be on everiToken (Business negotiation)


- Subsidiary public welfare platform fortheChina Youth Development Foundation (QingQingChou with more than 200,000users)


- Digitize art certificates for Zhejiangprovince(launched)


-Fengyu Zhe is an evidencepreservationservice platform based on everiToken (cooperative with notarialoffices inBeijing and Hangzhou in some use cases)


-Electronic contract deposit byYILITONG.com(technical docking)


【Internet of Things, Traceability andHardwarechips】


- Blockchain smart-door (more than3000smart doors based on everiToken run stably, recording real-time data)


- Traceability with security chips(Providinghundreds of wineries with blockchain traceability through securitychips onwine bottle caps, greatly reducing the cost of traceability)


- Unmanned vending machine based oneveriPay(everiToken works with one of the largest unmanned vending machineproducers. Itis expected to launch in April 2019, and there will be nearly100,000 vendingmachines in the US alone)

【Payment and Stablecoin】


- everiPay payment protocol:decentralizedpayment within a second, support with payment code, NFC,Bluetooth, and offlinepayment.


-HWGC, the largest compliantstablecoincompany in Southeast Asia (legal license in Malaysia, Thailand) hasbeen issuedstablecoin with the value of $500 million USD on everiToken, whichwillcirculate within their own business scenes such as supermarkets,casinos,scenic spots, and many others. (Ready to promote)


- Stablecoin, with the value of 12 billionUSdollars based on gold mine mortgages, has been technically docked and willbereleased soon.


-We have negotiated with over 20stablecoinprojects.




- Official football lottery platform inBrazilsigned a strategic cooperation agreement with everiToken (more than 10 millionusers)


-Well-known blockchain IP gaming systemwithmore than 18 million users is ready to be launched on everiToken.


-- everiPixel, based on everiToken, hasbeenlaunched and won the grand prize at the everiToken hackathon.




--Tokenize artwork (completed) andrealestate (Cambodia, Japan projects) for investment


--Authentication, such asDecentralizedAuthentication System MeSince

Other Details
Technology Implemented in the Project
Brief Description
as a public chain, everiToken allows any projects to build dapp, just calling the related API to achieve the functions like issue, transfer and manage token.
Supplementary Document
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Minimum Viable Product on the Release of the Tokens
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Use of Smart Contracts in the Token Sale
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