Global ICO Transparency Alliance

GITA seeks to promote a self-regulatory framework and sustainable ecosystem, both in the pre-ICO and post-ICO phases, to drive transparency and accountability across the globe.

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GITA Mission

GITA Global Transparency Alliance purpose is to support companies that create new solutions through the benefits of blockchain technology. At GITA, we think there should be a level-playing field for fundraising to all global participants. We commit to set the standards for self-disclosure that will guide and govern responsible ICO projects.

Protect investors by providing access to information about crowdfunding campaigns on blockchain and their progress after the crowdsale.

Help blockchain and distributed ledger based businesses succeed in their valuation creation efforts.

Become a forum for knowledge-sharing and industry improvement.

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Projects utilizing blockchain technology for fundraising are encouraged to disclosure their project details via the GITA platform to facilitate transparency with investors to build up trust and confidence.
GITA aims to build an industry standard for ICO to foster the developmemnt of the whole blockchain industry. With a global recognized standard, organization promoting blockchain can have a better direction.
As an investor or exchange, it's tired to study projects that have different standrads which makes investment decision much harder. With GITA transparency platform gathering and verifiying information become much more easier.