SELF is a unique digital asset that allows users to support movie productions and reap rewards from box office revenues. Our goal is to spearhead the movement of a decentralized autonomous ecosystem starting in the movie industry.

Project Roadmap / Project Plan / Milestones
Business Details

From visiting the actual location of a scene in the film The Last Thieves (2019) to supporting its making through SELF PAY, we are creating an immersive entertainment universe using smart contracts and blockchain technology.

With SELF, contributions and accumulated mining rewards will lead to more exclusive VIP opportunities. With blockchain technology, all information will be accessible to the public - building a relationship of trust.

Other Details


Technology Implemented in the Project
Brief Description
The First Digital Asset for Fixed Movie Tickets and Entertainment Consump/on: SELF by SELF CHAIN SELF is a blockchain digital asset based on ERC721/860 and ERC20/223-compliant Ethereum technology. It combines the non-fungible token technology in ERC721 with ERC20/223 smart contracts to launch a digital asset available for use in multiple theaters and various entertainment platforms (theaters will maintain a fixed cost of 100 SELF for a movie ticket while other platforms may adjust prices based on the functions of the SELF market price). Using the first ERC 860 specification developed by our team members, we will also design the world's first immersive blockchain roleplaying game and issue our independent chain. This provides a portable framework on which other developers and service providers can create their own blockchain systems.
Supplementary Document
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Minimum Viable Product on the Release of the Tokens
Use of Smart Contracts in the Token Sale
Roger Wu, Feihu Tang (SELF Dev Team)
Turing Chain
Management Team


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