Bincentive (BCNT)
Bincentive is an on-chain matchmaking platform for vetted crypto traders and investors.

Project Roadmap / Project Plan / Milestones
Business Details

Our first expansion plan includes providing an alternative investment option defined as an Escrow Mutual Fund for crypto. In this model, members join a crowdfund where the total pool of funds is invested together, leveraging the large volume to drive lower trading fees. The second phase of growth expands our ecosystem to include support for traditional financial products. Please refer to our white paper for more details.

Other Details

Please refer to our white paper for more details.

Technology Implemented in the Project
Brief Description
• Smart trading gateway With the support of special service architecture in Smart Contracts and the Smart Trading Gateway, Q-DApp providers are able to provide mirror trading services without ever directly accessing member funds. Funds will always remain securely in members' individual exchange accounts. • Q-DApps Bincentive offers an automated service mechanism that provides a mutual trust system for member clients and Q-DApp providers (trading experts) in the mirror trading process. All mechanisms are built on Ethereum Smart Contracts, including our master BCNT Margin Smart Contract (for margin management) and trading smart contracts (for Q-DApps). The Master BCNT Margin Smart Contract controls reward deposit margin transfers among all member accounts and Q-DApp trading smart contracts under the dual token model. • Trading records on-chain All trading record generated by Bincentive will be uploaded to the blockchain. So all members can check their performance on the chain.
Minimum Viable Product on the Release of the Tokens
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Use of Smart Contracts in the Token Sale
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